Commissioning Services

  • Intellient has extensive experience in Information Technology Consulting, Construction Management, Facility Infrastructure Design and Facility Systems Commissioning. The firm follows standard Technology Systems Commissioning practices as a process for verifying and documenting the installation and performance of systems that meet the needs of the client. Technology Systems Commissioning begins during project master planning and continues through an established endurance testing timeframe. The Intellient detailed Technology Systems Commissioning process ensures:

    • All technology systems, subsystems, equipment, controls and components interface with each other, and other building systems are installed properly

    • A system complies with a contract and is within the scope of the technology design and installation requirements

    • All technical-support personnel are instructed properly to operate and maintain technology systems efficiently

    • All required training, manuals and documentation regarding the systems installed have been received

    Customized For You

    Intellient will develop a custom system commissioning plan based on the performance criteria that include the following requirements:

    • A technology system commissioning outline will be included in technical documents

    • A list of team members who will represent the vendor in the functional performance and endurance testing

    • Include all checklist and test forms to be used

    • Establish system commissioning requirements and system testing compliance plans | Include a system testing schedule

    • Technology system training and education expectations for the technical support team and other users

    • All technology system warranties and guarantees by vendors and manufacturers; and a final report containing all technology system commissioning checklists and functional test reports

    • Functional performance testing shall cover every item within the technology package -all hardware, software, infrastructure and integration requirements shall be tested and evaluated to determine if they are compliant with performance data in the contract documents

    Intellient possesses over 140 combined years of experience. Airport facility and technology systems project management, design engineering, and construction administration support and systems commissioning services are the organizations major core competencies. Intellient has developed a unique method for preparing project specicifications and delivering project results, helping to prevent unnecessary expenses and create coordination between teams working toward a common goal and a common schedule.