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New Terminal Replacing Terminal 1

San Diego International Airport

Terminal 1 Replacement Project

In 2020, Intellient joined the San Diego International Airport (SAN) project to build a new $2.265 billion airport terminal replacing the existing Terminal 1. Construction will take place in two phases to maintain airport functionality throughout the project.

Intellient was contracted by Turner Construction as an extension of staff to provide technology systems design and design-assist efforts for the initial project validation period. Intellient will collaborate with the designer (Gensler) along with SAN to complete these tasks.

Project Details

SAN Terminal 1 opened in 1967, and this project will replace it with a new 1.2 million-square-foot structure with 30 gates. The new terminal will also offer expanded passenger seating areas, restaurant and concessions spaces, and additional security checkpoints with more lanes.

Redesigned taxiways and an underground fuel-delivery system will be included as energy-efficient features for the project, designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This focus on sustainability follows SAN’s “Green Build” project from 2013, after which SAN Terminal 2 earned LEED certification.

Services Provided

Throughout the course of the project, Intellient provided the following services:

New Terminal Replacing Terminal 1

Technology Systems

Design Services

  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • IT Governance Policy Adherence
  • Systems Planning, Validation, and Assessment
  • Site Surveys
  • System Interface Design
  • Design Engineering/Design Assist
  • Documentation/ CAD Services
  • Technical Specifications Development
  • Master Systems Integration (MSI) Planning
  • Network Architecture
  • Systems Responsibility Matrix Development
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Systems GMP Costing

Associated Systems

The major systems components included Telecommunications/Information Systems, Physical Security Systems, Airport Operational Systems, and Passenger Processing Systems:

Telecommunications/Information Systems

  • Telecom Room/Server Room/Data Center Buildout
  • Premise Distribution System (Structured Cabling)
  • LAN/WLAN/Wi-Fi
  • Master Clock
  • Telephony/VoIP
  • Paging System (PAS)
  • Audio/Visual

Physical Security Systems

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Breach Management
  • Perimeter Intrusion
  • Emergency Duress
  • 700 MHz Radio

Airport Operational Systems

  • Building Automation/Building Management (BAS/BMS)
    • HVAC Monitoring
    • Electrical Metering
    • Lighting Control
    • Escalator/Elevator/Moving Walkways
  • Distributed Antenna (DAS)
  • Air-Ground/Ground-Ground Radio
  • Baggage Handling (BHS)
  • Fire Alarm/Mass Notification-PAS Interface
  • Digital Clock
  • Interactive Information Directory
  • Assistive Listening Hearing Loop
  • Check Point Wait Time
  • Dynamic Signage

Passenger Processing Systems

  • Common Use Passenger Processing (CUPPS)
  • Common Use Self Service (CUSS)
  • Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE)
  • Electronic Video Information Displays (EVIDS)
  • Multi-User Flight Information Displays (MUFIDS)
    • Baggage Information Displays (BIDS)
    • Baggage Information Console (BICS)
    • Gate Information (GIDS)
    • Check-In Information Display (CIDS)
    • Ramp Information Displays (RIDS)
    • Visual Paging Displays (VPD)
    • Interactive and Information Displays (IIDS)
    • Display Data Control (DDC)
  • Airport Management (AMS)
    • Resource Management (RMS)
    • Airport Operational Database (AODB)
    • Local Departure Control (LDCS)

Project Results

Construction for the project is scheduled to begin in late 2021. A total of 19 new gates are expected to be functional in the first quarter of 2025, and the final 11 gates are scheduled to open in early 2027.

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